Features of new wordpress theme:monochrome

Its a good news for wordpress.com users, from now they can use a new theme monochrome with stylish look & good features.In this headers & dates are uniquely designed with color palette from where the theme name comes monochrome.Now some features of this theme:

  1. Stylish look: The theme is designed with off white & black color with monochromatic color palette date.
  2. Headers: Headers & dates are placed in an unique manner to the left hand side of post like a left side bar.
  3. Search Box: Search box is placed in right side bar with  smooth rounded corners.You can also set to show tags as an animation below the serach box from theme options.You can also manage placing of search box either in top or bottom of page.
  4. Information bar: Its a new feature in this theme.An information bar is placed in right side bar.You can use this as your current status like orkut,facebook & twitter.
  5. Header menu: Its your’s choice what you want in header menu.You can select pages or categories in header menu.But don’t go for categories if you have large no of categories.
  6. You can exclude pages to be shown in header menu.
  7. You can exclude categories to be shown in header menu.
  8. A new feature include to the right side of page return to top.You can manage this from theme options.

Overall theme looks very good.wat you say??

  1. Any chance there will be a way to manually edit the header menu?

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