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Make your story using flicker pictures

FlickrPoet is part of Stories In Flight, an ongoing exploration of storytelling in the age of the Internet.

Just enter a paragraph of text, a poem, some lyrics or even just a few random words and FlickrPoet will find matching photos on Flickr based on a search of tags, titles and descriptions of the photos.

– You can re-run the search with other images by clicking “Show Story” again.
– Poems and lyrics seem to work best, hence the title, but feel free to experiment.

so friends use it.Its very interesting.


Best Shot 2009: for “Seen under the street”

Photos from c2prods, red white and you, Adam Ames, the_lawson42, HoubieBoubie, sharkbait, and mxl.

Best Shot 2009: for “seen on the street”

Photos from Brian Gudas Photography, Minted Stereo, eshare, zisskar, TawneeLynne(challenged again), alberto.degennaro , archangelse, toddwshaffer, and WarriorJazz.

Best Shot 2009: For Pachyderm

Photos from stevesteve8383, Maxfear™, Dragonovski, Damien [], andso, and beth.brousil.

Best Shot 2009: For Vanishing Point

Photos from AJ_UK, formalfallacy @ Dublin (Victor), Justin Timperio, djniks, skiplecariboo, and Há-Zé.

Best Shot 2009: For taking flight

Photos from abbyladybug, oliver zelinski, notthatcool, Andrea Barsacchi, and Mister . Brown.

Best Shot 2009: For the clowns

Photos from ::big daddy k::, – @ndre@ –, robinneilly, Brendan O, and Syed.Munawir.