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Now google docs works as a cloud

Cloud computing is the new generation of computing.Everyone is going towards cloud.So it becomes as the emerging trend for companies & also evolve as a new market.Recently wipro starts to provide cloud solutions.

It provide easy solution to manage the organisation.Bajaj insurance starts using cloud computing for it business.As told by persons from bajaj insurance it smoothens to operate our business & collect data.

UBUNTU community introduces cloud upto 2 gb with its UBUNTU 9.10.

As it becomes the new trend & new business for web companies.Seeing this google initialize its first step towards this & now google docs can use as cloud.So you can upload any kind of file on goole docs up to 250 mb which is much larger than a mail attachment  or document.In addition you you’ll be able to backup large graphics files, RAW photos, ZIP archives and much more to the cloud. More importantly, instead of carrying a USB drive, you can now use Google Docs as a more convenient option for accessing your files on different computers.

so enjoy google cloud & see future of cloud.Kindly give your suggestion for future cloud computing..


Google Offers New Model for Consumers to Buy a Mobile Phone

Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today unveiled a new way for consumers to purchase an Android mobile phone, a web store hosted by Google. The company is also launching the first phone offered through this new model, called the Nexus One, which combines the latest in hardware from HTC Corporation with the newest Android software.

The goal of Google’s new consumer channel is to provide an efficient way to connect Google’s online users with selected Android phones. The online experience of the web store has been designed with a focus on simplicity.

Through the web store found at, consumers can buy the Nexus One without service (meaning any GSM network SIM card can be inserted into the device), or purchase the phone with service from one of Google’s operator partners. As new phones come to market through this channel, consumers will benefit from the ability to match a phone of their choice with the service plan that best meets their needs. Operator prices and plan details will be featured on the site.

“The Nexus One belongs in the emerging class of devices which we call ‘superphones,’ with the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon™ chipset making it as powerful as your laptop computer of three to four years ago. It’s our way to raise the bar on what’s possible when it comes to creating the best mobile experience for consumers,” said Andy Rubin, VP of Engineering. “We look forward to working with handset manufacturers and operators to bring more phones to market through this channel worldwide.”

Nexus One Hardware Features

  • Display: 3.7″ AMOLED 480×800 WVGA display
  • Thinness: 11.5mm; Weight: 130g
  • Processor/Speed: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 3G QSD8250 chipset, delivering speeds up to 1GHz
  • Camera: 5 megapixel auto focus with flash and geo tagging
  • Onboard memory: 512MB Flash, 512MB RAM
  • Expandable memory: 4GB removable SD Card (expandable to 32GB)
  • Noise Suppression: Dynamic noise suppression from Audience, Inc.
  • Ports: 3.5mm stereo headphone jack with four contacts for inline voice and remote control
  • Battery: Removable 1400 mAh
  • Personalized laser engraving: Up to 50 characters on the back of the phone
  • Trackball: Tri-color notification LED, alerts when new emails, chats, text messages arrive

“The Nexus One represents the unique combination of design and innovation two companies like Google and HTC can have when they collaborate,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “The Nexus One continues HTC’s strategy of offering people a portfolio of phones that meet their diverse needs.”

Nexus One Software Innovation

The Nexus One runs on Android 2.1, a version of the platform’s Eclair software, which offers advanced applications and features including:

  • Google Maps Navigation: offering turn-by-turn driving directions with voice output.
  • Email: multiple Gmail accounts; universal inbox and Exchange support.
  • Phone book: aggregate contacts from multiple sources, including Facebook®.
  • Quick Contacts: easily switch between communication and social applications.
  • Android Market: access to more than 18,000 applications.

In addition, the Nexus One introduces new functionality and software enhancements:

  • Enter text without typing.
    • Use a voice-enabled keyboard for all text fields: speak a text message, instant message, tweet, Facebook update, or complete an email.
  • Tell your phone what you want it to do.
    • Search Google, call contacts, or get driving directions by just speaking into your phone.
  • Take personalization to the next level.
    • Dynamic, interactive, live wallpapers react to the touch of a finger.
    • More widgets and five home screen panels allow for further device customization.
  • Capture camera-quality pictures and video with your device.
    • 5 megapixel camera includes LED flash, auto focus, zoom, white balance and color effects.
    • View pictures and Picasa Web Albums in the new 3D Gallery.
    • Record Hi-Res MPEG4 video, and then upload to YouTube with one click.
  • Read your voicemail messages.
    • Get transcribed voicemail with Google Voice integration, without changing your number.

Pricing, Availability, and Future Plans

Nexus One is initially available from the Google web store in the US without service for $529 or starting at $179 with a two-year contract from T-Mobile USA. In the near future, Verizon Wireless in the US and Vodafone in Europe plan to offer services to customers in their respective geographies. Today, consumers can go to to learn about the Nexus One and place an order. We will initially take orders from consumers in the US and three other markets – the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

In the coming months Google plans on partnering with additional operators, offering consumers access to a broad set of service plans. In the future we expect to launch more phones with Android handset partners and to expand the web store to more countries.

About Google Inc.
Google’s innovative search technologies connect millions of people around the world with information every day. Founded in 1998 by Stanford Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google today is a top web property in all major global markets. Google’s targeted advertising program provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results, while enhancing the overall web experience for users. Google is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Google Press Center

For more information on the Nexus One, including images and video, please visit our press site:

–htc blog

Now chat on google translator toolkit

Now you can chat while working on google translator toolkit.Whether you work with editors to translate documents, customers to clarify terms or project managers to meet deadlines, working with other translators is key to making high-quality translations.

Google United Negro College Fund Scholarship

Deadline to Apply: April 16, 2010

Google is proud to support the work of the United Negro College Fund and together, we are committed to encouraging the innovators of the future to excel in their studies and become active role models and leaders.
The Google UNCF Scholarship Program provides scholarships and networking retreats for students in computer science. Scholarship recipients will each receive a $10,000 scholarship for the 2010-2011 academic year and be invited to attend the all-expenses-paid Annual Google Scholars’ Retreat at the Googleplex in Mountain View, California, in the Spring of 2011. Scholarships will be awarded based on the strength of candidates’ academic background and demonstrated passion for computer science.
Who can apply?
Applicants must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:
  • Pursuing a Computer Science or Computer Engineering degree, or a degree in a closely related field (such as Software Engineering)
  • Maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale in their current program
  • Entering their senior year of undergraduate study or enrolled in a graduate program in the 2010-2011 academic year at a university in the United States
Deadline to apply: April 16, 2010
–google student blog

Google launches a nexus web store

Google  announced a new Google hosted web store where you can easily purchase selected mobile Android devices and service plans online. 

The first phone will be selling through this new web store is the Nexus One — a convergence point for mobile technology, apps and the Internet. Nexus One, manufactured by HTC, is an exemplar of what’s possible on mobile devices through Android — when cool apps meet a fast, bright and connected computer that fits in your pocket. It’s the first in what we expect to be a series of products which we will bring to market with our operator and hardware partners and sell through our online store.
So head to to check out the store and take a full tour of the new Nexus One.

2010 Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship for First Years

Dr.Anita Borg (1949-2003) devoted her life to revolutionizing the way we
think about technology and dismantling the barriers that keep women and
minorities from entering the computing and technology fields. In honor
of Anita’s vision, Google is proud to announce the launch of the 2010
Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship for First Years.

Google hopes to encourage aspiring female students to excel in technology and
become active role models and leaders in the field by offering
scholarship opportunities for students. the Google Anita Borg Memorial
Scholarship for First Years will award students entering their first
year in university and pursuing their studies in computer science.

Recipients of the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship for First Years will each
receive a $10,000 award for the 2010-2011 academic year and be invited
to attend the Google FUSE networking retreat in Summer 2011.
Who can apply?

Applicants must be high school seniors and meet the following eligibility criteria:

* Intend to be enrolled in or accepted as a full-time student at a
university in the U.S. for the 2010–2011 academic year. International
students are eligible to apply as long as they intend to be enrolled at
a local university;

* Intend to be enrolled in or accepted for
enrollment in a baccalaureate Computer Science, Computer Engineering,
Software Engineering or related program;

* Able to demonstrate a commitment to and passion for computer science and technology

For complete details, please visit us at

Deadline to apply: February 15, 2010

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