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Find Cool christmas Gifts Galore at the Microsoft Store

With the holiday season under way, time is limited and money is tight. Looking for a cool gift to dazzle that special person on your list? Microsoft has lots of ideas to help you out.

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Microsoft’s free anti-virus launched in India

Software giant Microsoft today launched a security solution for its Windows operating system in the Indian market.

‘Microsoft Security Essentials’, which was launched in September globally, would be available free of cost to all genuine Windows users and provide anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-spyware solutions.
Microsoft Security Essentials include tools for checking computers for infections by specific and prevalent malicious software, weekly update on Tuesdays automatically when connected to the Internet as well as validation of Windows software.

Mozilla More Secure Than Microsoft Outlook: French Army

The French government is shifting to other open source software such as Linux instead of Windows and OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office.

The French military is now using the Thunderbird client on over 80,000 computers as it finds Mozilla’s latest email client more secure than Microsoft Outlook. The department found Mozilla’s open source design permitted France to build extensions for security, while Microsoft’s proprietary software allowed no extensions to be made.

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7 most hacked software in 2009

Forbes recently released 2009’s `Most-Hacked Software’ list. The list names the software and applications that were biggest targets of hacker attacks in 2009. The software used most by hackers and other cyber criminals to sneak into your system and cause havoc.

Here’s over to the 7 Most Hacked Software of 2009.

1. Adobe Reader: This year’s Most hacked software belongs to (no not Microsoft) Adobe. Adobe Inc’s popular software Adobe Reader is the most hacked software of the year. Security firm iDefense reportedly tracked as many as 45 bugs in the Adobe Reader programme this year. The number is up from 14 in 2008 and seven in 2007.

Security experts feel that Reader being a universally used programme makes it highly vulnerable. Also, its complex code base offers a high risk of flaws.

2. Internet Explorer: At No. 2 on the Most Hacked Software list is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Little surprising that the browser with majority marketshare (almost 65%) is hot on hackers and scammers target list. According to the news report, IE’s complex code base with no shortage of bugs helps hackers.

Security researchers found 30 bugs in IE this year, almost the same number as last year and way down from 49 found in 2007.

3. Mozilla Firefox: The open source browser Mozilla Firefox is the year 2009’s third Most Hacked Software. Closest rival to Internet Explorer with approximately 25% marketshare, recorded an increase in vulnerabilities this year.

Researchers and cybercriminals found as many as 102 bugs in Firefox this year, an increase of 12 bugs vi-a-vis last year’s 90 bugs. Wondering what makes its more vulnerable than IE which showed 30 bugs? Remember, the two cannot be compared directly as Firefox is an open-source programme and Mozilla publicly reveals all its bug finds.

4. Adobe Flash: At No. 4 on the Most Hacked Software list is Adobe’s popular design software Flash, commonly used for viewing animations and movies. The report found 11 vulnerabilities in the programme this year, down 8 from 19 last year.

According to the report, the vulnerabilities pose a potential danger as the software used for viewing videos and animation requires no interaction with the user to infect the machine with malicious software.

5. Apple Quicktime: Next on the hit-list of hackers is Apple Quicktime, a multimedia framework used for handling various formats of digital video, media clips, sound, text, animation and music. Though Apple talks about immunity from bugs in its machines, however, security experts feel that relative security comes from its low marketshare and not careful coding.

According to the report, 26 bugs were found in Quicktime in 2009, down 10 from 36 found in 2008. The number looks high compared to mere 3 found in Windows Media Player.

6. Microsoft Office: At No. 6 is another Microsoft software, Microsoft Office. IDefense tracked 41 bugs in Microsoft’s popular suite of apps in 2009, down from 44 in 2008. According to the report, hackers many a times use Microsoft Office applications like PowerPoint, Excel or Word document to plant malicious code.

7. Windows: Another Microsoft software on Most Hacked Software list is at no. 7. The company’s Windows-based operating system continue to be top on hackers radar. Experts believe that the fact that Windows vulnerabilities can be exploited without a user actually doing anything makes the software hacker-prone.

For example the Conficker worm spread to over 7 million PCs last year without requiring a user to visit a website, or open an attachment or actually do anything else, other than just leave their computers running.

Bing Hosts ‘Home Sweet Homepage’ Photo Contest

One of the most popular features of Bing’s home page, launched in May, has been its use of stunning photographs taken from around the world. Embedded within each photo are mouse-able “hot spots” that offer more information about what’s in the photo.

Each day, Bing editorial lead Stephanie Horstmanshof receives e-mails complimenting the photos. Along with those come many questions from people asking how to submit their own photos.

So a new Bing photo contest, called “Home Sweet Homepage,” asks photographers to do just that—submit photos demonstrating what’s special about their hometown. The winner’s work, in part determined by a public vote, will become the Bing backdrop for a day. “This contest is how we allow our users to both submit and decide what we display,” says Horstmanshof.

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Top 5 Reasons To Switch To Bing

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