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Namoroka:newest pre-release code name for Firefox

The newest pre-release code name for Firefox is Namoroka, named for a park in the northwest section of Madagascar. Famous for its Karst topography (or Tsingy as it is described in Malagasy), Namoroka is full of caves, canyons and natural swimming pools. Namoroka is also home to eight species of adorable lemur.


Taiwan unveils super-tiny microchip

Taiwan has developed tiny microchips that could lead to lighter and cheaper laptops or mobile phones, researchers and observers said on Wednesday.

State-backed National Nano Device Laboratories in northern Hsinchu city said it had succeeded in packing more transistors into smaller chip space than anyone else so far.

“Electronic gadgets like cell-phones and laptops could become smaller, lighter and cheaper with this technology,” Yang Fu-liang, the lab’s chief, told AFP.


Techfest 2010:IIT Mumbai

Techfest is the Annual International Science and Technology Festival of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, one of the premier institutes of technology in India. Since its inception in the year 1998 Techfest has grown to become the largest festival of its kind in Asia.

Techfest 2010 is scheduled from 22-24th January 2010. Continuing with the legacy of being Asia’s Largest Science and Technology Festival, we promise you 3 days full of euphoric activity – competitions, exhibitions, distinguished lecture series, workshops, on-the-spot events, and awe-inspiring shows at night – an experience you’ll never forget!!

With prizes worth over INR 15 lacs to be given away, Techfest 2010 invites you to participate in the competitions. The competitions have been broadly divided into 6 categories:

1. iBots: The category which focuses on the Robotics competitions for Techfest 2010:
A.N.T.Z. – The world challenge of Techfest 2010 which has introduced SWARM Robotics for the first time in India. Prizes worth INR 1.1 lacs to be won.
FreeKick – Use Image Processing to play the game of Football. Prizes worth INR 48,000 to be won.
CROSS_OVER – The basic robotics challenge of Techfest 2010. Prizes worth INR 18,000 to be won.

2. Torque: This category is all about speed:
Full Throttle: Inferno – The IC Engine monster car racing challenge. Prizes worth INR 50,000 to be won.
BlackBird – The RC plane racing competition. Prizes worth INR 40,000 to be won.
Solar Splash – The solar power boat competition. Prizes worth INR 22,000 to be won

3. Dimensions: Dimensions comprises competitions testing basic concepts of science:
Bascule Bridge – Make bridges using Popsicle sticks. Prizes worth INR 16,000 to be won.
Contraptions – Find innovative methods of making a field goal. Prizes worth INR 16,000 to be won.
MechCompute – Build a calculator using only mechanical components. Prizes worth INR 20,000 to be won.
Vorticity – Delve into the depths of CFD. Prizes worth INR 16,000 to be won.
Mbedded Logic – Make logic circuits using FPGA. Prizes worth INR 16,000 to be won.

4.  ArchiTECH: Architecture and Design related competitions. Make an eco-friendly house in Eco-Mansion or design the most efficient parking system in City Racks. Prizes worth INR 46,000 to be won.

5. Robowars: The Vengeance: The Inter-collegiate combat robotics competition. Fight it out to get your college to glory. Prizes worth INR 55,000 to be won.

6. CodeX: The category for all the coders. AIR-O-MANIA from Adobe, HASH_include (coding, networking and reversing competition) and VirtualPro (flash game design competition) await your participation. The total prize money for this section would be INR 1.25 Lacs

Please click on the competition of your interest to get more details.

The last date for registrations in competitions at Techfest is 20th December 2009. Register immediately to receive regular updates about the events from Techfest 2010.

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In case you have any doubts, please visit and get your queries answered.

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Tel: +91 22 2576 4045/4062

First Passenger Flight Powered by Biofuel–But Are the Petroleum Alternatives Ready to Takeoff?

Dutch airline KLM has completed a fifth jet biofuel test flight—and the first with passengers other than flight crew. Using a 50–50 blend of regular jet fuel and biofuel refined from camelina oil in one of its four engines, the flight carried 42 “observers” for an hour on November 23 from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, enough to fill business class, according to chemist Jennifer Holmgren, who was on board.

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First Flight for Bio-Fuel Plane

A plane powered by renewable fuel has circled the skies over the Netherlands, in the world’s first bio fuel passenger carrying flight.

Decision-matrix for choosing between Windows and Linux


This page presents a comparison between Windows and linux on various parameters and serves as a basis for making a choice. It also provides a TCO comparison of Windows vs Linux over a 3-year cycle.
– Decision-makers involved with IT usage in a School, College or SOHO For ex IT administrators, Executive management, Computer Teachers etc
– Anyone interested in a comparison of Microsoft with Linux
Pre-requisites: None

Importance Parameter Windows Linux
Very Very High


  • High license fee
  • High cost of acquisition
  • High cost of maintenance
  • Zero license fee
Very High Security
  • Very High malware threat-levels
  • Active and high involvement required to manage the threat
  • Minimal threat from malware
  • Localized impact of malware if any
High Upgrade path
  • Forced upgrade of hardware resources to keep up-to-date
  • No compulsion to upgrade hardware
Medium Ease of Use
  • High level of user friendliness and familiarity
  • Learning curve for transition of existing users
  • Fewer problems with first-time users
Medium Support
  • Vendor support readily available due to large installation base
  • Have to depend on community support


Cost comparison between Windows and Linux

Using Linux leads to cost reduction by 66%

Over a 3-year cycle, TCO of one computer:

  • using Windows – 46,500 INR
  • using Linux – 15,100 INR
Cost in INR Windows Linux
Hardware 25,000 15,000
OS Licensing fee 5,000 0
Office Suite Licensing fee 10,000 0
Cost of Acquisition Total 40,000 15,000
Anti-virus subscription 5,000 0
Risks 1,000 0
Upgrades/Patches 500 100
Operating Costs Total 5,600 100
TCO over a 3-year cycle Total 46,500 15,100