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N900: Eccentric accelerometer apps


GSM, CDMA cos fight on 11-digit no.

Consumer interests have become sandwiched in an industry war between incumbent GSM operators and Reliance and Tatas over the

DoT’s decision to implement 11-digit numbers by adding an extra 9 to all mobile numbers in the country by January 1 2010.

GSM operators are unhappy about the move, and have made detailed presentations to the government on why such a move is harmful for the industry and consumers. This representation has been made through the COAI while AUSPI, which primarily represents the interests of Tatas, Reliance and Sistema, is in favour of moving to a 11-digit numbering plan.

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SIS to roll out video telephony for BSNL

BSNL has partnered with IT firm Sai Info Systems to provide video telephony services, which will be available from June next year. “The video telephony service will be launched in Gujarat this month, following which it will be extended to Northern and Western parts of the country by April 2010,” said SIS Chairman and Managing Director Sunil Kakkad, according to Economic Times. SIS will provide equipment and back-end services, while BSNL will support connectivity. Kakkad said video telephony has not become commercially viable due to non-availability of bandwidth and affordable equipment. “SIS and BSNL plan to make the service as a basic telephone service, phasing out the landline in existing form,” he said. “Through this service, we intend to launch the triple play services (voice, video and data) on our network and enrich the entire communication experience of the customer,” BSNL CMD Kuldeep Goyal said.


Now Gmail, Facebook accessible on cable TV

New Delhi: There’s good news for those who use cable television services. You can now check your Gmail, watch YouTube videos or connect with friends on Facebook at the cost of the regular cable subscription of Rs. 150-200 per month – without having to pay extra for an internet connection.

Logic Eastern, a Noida-based manufacturer of cable infrastructure, has developed special set-top boxes which come with an in-built patented hardware that enables connections to Gmail, Facebook and YouTube. The company has made possible two-way flow of data, that is, from websites to cable operators to consumers and return by using the existing cellphone technology.

The company has installed large servers which download Gmail, YouTube and Facebook pages on behalf of its subscribers and pushes them on to their television screens. For now, consumers can access this service with a special remote control. However the company is developing a wi-fi keyboard that will be given along with the set-top boxes. Also, apart from the remote control, consumers can use their mobile phones to surf channels or access these websites.

Logic Eastern has already deployed 60,000 such set-top boxes across South Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar and Jammu. The company has roped in ICICI as an investor. It has bought a 20 percent stake, which is helping Logic Eastern monetise these services that even existing Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) companies and the Direct-to-Home (DTH) operators have not been able to achieve.

“We believe it will be critical for cable operators to differentiate their services by leveraging the massive bandwidth that their cables take to each home. This is something that even DTH cannot do,” says Vineet Wadhwa, Chief Technology Officer and Promoter of Logic Eastern. Instead of value-added services, the company prefers to call them ‘enhanced services.’ But how safe is accessing your email via cable? It is as safe as logging on to the internet on your home computer or laptop, says Wadhwa.

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TATA DOCOMO Offers Per-Second Billing for Roaming Across India

Delhi, 22 November 2009: TATA DOCOMO, the GSM brand of Tata Teleservices Limited, today announced the extension of its industry-changing ‘Pay-for-exactly-what-you-use’ pricing paradigm to roaming services as well, introducing per-second billing for all calls made or received while ‘roaming’ across the country, at its existing tariff of 1 paisa per second—for both pre-paid and post-paid subscribers. The move is set to redefine the very concept of making calls while ‘roaming’ in India, much as TATA DOCOMO’s per-second billing offer did for local and long-distance calls a few months earlier, when the company launched commercial operations.
From Monday, while roaming, subscribers can make calls across India at 1 paisa per second, across all 15 Circles where TATA DOCOMO has launched GSM services, regardless of which network or type of phone the call is made to. Furthermore, incoming calls while roaming will also be charged on a per-second basis, at 1 paisa per second. With TATA DOCOMO set to launch its GSM services pan-India this year, this game-changing roaming option will be available across the country.