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Now new version of Google Mobile App for iPhone in the App Store

Its a  good news for iphone users that  new version of Google Mobile App for iPhone was approved and is now available on in the App Store everywhere.

The new features includes:

  1. you can now choose your spoken language or accent.
  2. redesigned search results display.
  3. You can style your Google Mobile App in any shade: red, taupe, or even heliotrope.

Now google groups join google apps

Today, Google  announce the launch of Google Groups to Google Apps Premier and Education Edition users. Google Groups is one of our most widely used applications, enabling everyone from the local hiking club to the family next door to create mailing lists and discussion forums. Now employees within a company can create groups for their departments, their teams or their projects. Employees can use these groups as mailing lists, but they can also share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, calendars, videos and sites with groups, instead of many individual recipients. They can choose to receive communications directly to their email inbox, in a digest format, or in the Groups forum view, and can access all the information in the groups archive, without the intervention of an IT administrator.

Google Groups is a boon for IT administrators too. After enabling the new service from the administrative control panel (add “user-managed groups”), users can start managing their own groups without burdening administrators for support. Administrators can still set group policies and manage other group settings.