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Now google docs works as a cloud

Cloud computing is the new generation of computing.Everyone is going towards cloud.So it becomes as the emerging trend for companies & also evolve as a new market.Recently wipro starts to provide cloud solutions.

It provide easy solution to manage the organisation.Bajaj insurance starts using cloud computing for it business.As told by persons from bajaj insurance it smoothens to operate our business & collect data.

UBUNTU community introduces cloud upto 2 gb with its UBUNTU 9.10.

As it becomes the new trend & new business for web companies.Seeing this google initialize its first step towards this & now google docs can use as cloud.So you can upload any kind of file on goole docs up to 250 mb which is much larger than a mail attachment  or document.In addition you you’ll be able to backup large graphics files, RAW photos, ZIP archives and much more to the cloud. More importantly, instead of carrying a USB drive, you can now use Google Docs as a more convenient option for accessing your files on different computers.

so enjoy google cloud & see future of cloud.Kindly give your suggestion for future cloud computing..


Holiday templates from google docs

The Google Docs team is celebrating the holidays in big ways this year. With nine launches in the last two weeks – and a gallery full of festive templates – there will be no shortage of cheer!
Holiday Templates:
There are a lot of great holiday templates available in the Google Docs template gallery. Templates include holiday shopping lists, holiday newsletters, party invitations, RSVP forms and much more. Whether you are planning a recipe swap, family potluck, ski trip, a charity trip or need a party RSVP form, the new holiday themes in forms can also make this season a little brighter. To try out the holiday themes, create a form and the click “Theme: theme name” to see all the themes that are available.

The Docs team has also launched several new features, just in time for the holidays:

  • Real-time presence for presentations: now when editing a presentation with a co-editor, you can see which slides he or she is editing, and if you’re on the same slide, you can see which element – text box, shape, image, video, etc — is being edited.
  • Sharing emails get a face-lift: More colorful emails and icons now indicate the type of document at-a-glance, better showcasing custom messages and making access even more simple.
  • Sort by relevance: When searching your docs, results will now display the items most relevant to your search at the top of the list.
  • Export all documents: We’ve also added an “Export all” option, which lets you export all your docs (up to 2GB at a time) with one click. This is the equivalent of almost 100,000 Google Docs.
  • Change owner in a spreadsheet: A feature already available for documents and presentations, you can now change the owner of a spreadsheet. This is helpful if you are working in a group and the owner of the document leaves your group or no longer needs to work on that document.


Now export all your google docs with one click

Few weeks ago google launched facility of exporting google docs.Now google improve it by exporting all documents in a single click.Here is the screenshots for exporting documents.