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Security personnel forced to live inside Gateway of India. Do we care for 26/11 heroes?

Almost a year after the Mumbai terror attacks, security personnel guard the Taj Hotel round the clock. However, there are no arrangements for their accommodation. Jawans are forced to use the Gateway of India as their resting place.

no one take care of these security personnels.but everyone ask when something happen.Govt just made some commities and all thing goes to a cold box after some time.

Politicians take care only about there votes.Mr. Mulayam singh support the govt at the time of Nuclear deal but after some times when he was not in party he is totally against the govt rules & agendas.
Now we see today all opposition is in support of KISAN’s because he has no other matter to raise & play politics.
I am in favor of up farmers.But the point is politicians see only the hot topics & from where they can get vote bank.

So the main problem resides in the roots of politics.

Major actors of 26/11–
Union Home Minister – About to become Governor
Dy. CM / Home Minister – Back as Home Minister
Chief Minister – Union Minister
Accused – Adorning pages of dossiers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7……
Survivors – Waiting for announced financial aid
Fighters – Sleeping on footpath at Gateway of India